What is Shypn LLC

SHYPN is a women operated business specializing in nationwide auto transports. Ownership has been in the car business for over ten years and saw a need for reliable, honest transport available for anyone’s needs; ranging from single transports to dealership needs. Our goal is to make the process seamless for each customer. From start to finish, we are available for quotes, transit updates, delivery, and everything in between. We will never leave you or your car hanging.

What sets SHYPN apart from other transport brokers?

SHYPN does not operate as a seasonal broker, we work year round arranging transport for vehicles being moved across the entire nation. SHYPN does not require clients to pay transporters on delivery, we provide flexible payment options. Many brokers collect deposits up front, and have clients pay transport directly on delivery. Oftentimes, seasonal brokers will tell the clients the transport is a lower price than what it's actually been booked for to obtain the job. Once transport is arranged and the vehicle arrives for delivery, the transporter is asking for more money than what was quoted by the broker. The broker goes silent and the client is stuck with a bill larger than promised.

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How does SHYPN go the extra mile?

SHYPN ensures any carrier it uses is licensed with the FMCSA. We check that their DOT is up to date and active if they are moving vehicle(s) intrastate. We check to ensure their MC number is up to date and active if they are moving vehicle(s) interstate. We also check to ensure their certificate of insurance is valid, active and matches their company information on FMCSA. Many brokers skip these steps to achieve lower prices and faster transports. But the carriers are liable if an accident is to occur, not the brokers. If your vehicle is being transported by a carrier without insurance, and an accident occurs, you are stuck with the bill. Not the broker. If your vehicle is being transported by a carrier not authorized by FMCSA and they get pulled over, your vehicle will be impounded. It will be your responsibility to find it and obtain it. Not the brokers.

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